Introducing 50Cent!

50 Cent. Mock Up

Let me tell you a little bit story of why I came up with this idea.

It was a beautiful Sunday night, and I decided to go out with my family and eat at our favourite seafood restaurant in Indonesia. When I arrived, the restaurant is full and crowded, we have to wait about 15 minutes to get a seat. But ultimately we get a seat and the waiters give us the menu and we choose the food that we like. 5 minutes later, the waiters come back to us and tell us that one of the menus we ordered is out of stock.

I asked the waiter why didn’t tell us sooner. The waiter said that he didn’t know that the menu that I ordered is out of stock, so the waiter suggest that we ordered another food. And we did just that. 1 hour later, our food just barely arrived. I asked, why it took so long. And the waiter said that there were too many customers and the staff couldn’t handle them perfectly.

30 minutes later we finished eating, and we want to pay. But then the queue is very long and it took us another 30 minutes to pay our food. In short, I spent a long time waiting.

But then it got me thinking, is there something I can do to help the restaurant in this kind of situation? This is the moment that 50 cent came up in my brain. One-stop application to manage all food orders, best convenience in managing food orders, with payment flexibility.

This idea is executed by 4 people. Each person has it’s own role and we do this by cooperating with each other and give a feedback to our idea.

Research Findings

Complaints about food orders that have been felt so far

We do this research by distributing an online questionnaire to 30 people who like to eat in a restaurant. Surprisingly, I’m not alone. 72% respondents said that they didn’t like the long time registration process, 45% respondents state that they didn’t like an incomplete food catalogue, and 30% respondents said that they didn’t like a conventional payment. It’s kind of similar to what I feel when I eat at that seafood restaurant.

What feature do they need?

We asked 30 respondents about what features they need to make this app work. Well, it’s kind of unique. 85% of people need a feature about discount information, 40% need a waiting list feature, 55% need the food availability feature, and 50% like an e-wallet payment. This conclude that most people like efficiency when they try to order a food in a restaurant, and they didn’t like to spend a long time waiting.

UI Design


50Cent App Onboarding

So I asked my friends to make the UI design based on my experience and the research. This is what they came up with. And I think it’s pretty cool and simple. The users have to scan a barcode in front of the restaurant and validate each restaurant based on the barcode.

Registration and Table Booking

50Cent Registration and Booking Tables

The next step is user should be able to do registration by inserting the name, phone number, and email. After that the user will be able to choose the person that will eat in the restaurant and choose whether it will be a smoking room or not. And then they just be able to book the table. Pretty simple right?

Waiting List and Ordering Status

50Cent Waiting List and Ordering Status

After the user book the table, they should be able to see their queue number if there are any waiting lists. If the table is ready, the app will inform us if it’s ready and we just have to click “I’m Ready to Eat” button and we get a table.

Choosing the Food and Payment

50Cent Food Categories and Payment

After the user gets the table, they should be able to order the food directly in the apps. We can see the availability of the food and add a topping or some additional information on the food that we want to order. Lastly, they just have to pay using an e-wallet without waiting in line and soon the food will come to your table.


This idea still have some limitation such as payment is available only with e-wallet and there’s still so much room for improvement. Let me know what you think.



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